Speaker fixing Screws Bolts & T-Nuts M5 x 40mm


Brand N/A

These speaker bolts and T-Nuts are perfect for achieving a professional finish for repairs or new speaker build projects.
Simply drill a 6.5mm hole in the mounting surface and fit the T-nut by either tapping in place or in softer materials they will grip when bolts are tightened sufficiently using a 4mm Allen key.
  • Long fixing for deeper baffles
  • Very secure fixing for speakers
  • Allen type head for ensuring a secure fit
  • Suitable for mounting up to 40mm depth
  • Suitable for minimum 24mm depth
  • Other sizes available in our shop
  • Bolt size - M5 (5mm) x 40mm
  • Bolt Head size - 8.5mm diameter x 5mm deep
  • Allen Key required - 4mm
  • T-Nut size - 15mm diameter (requires 6.5mm hole)