Brand MUSE

The Muse X5 is the perfect upgrade for any laptop or pc. Simply plug in to your device using the included USB cable and connect your headphones or a 3.5mm jack cable to amplifier for an instant upgrade in sound.

Units are supplied with USB cable.


  • Mini Size DAC Only 6.4cm X 2.5cm
  • PCM2704 USB decoder chip is developed by the Burr Brown company, and its performance is superior to the most commonly usedchips on the market.
  • CM102S series power using the USB interface for the power supply so no batteries required, the output is directly connected to the headset or 2.5 mm jack cable to an amplifier. 
  • Clean digital output section offers a reduction in interference that can only be obtained with a outboard external device. Bypassing the interference from the computers electronics creates a cleaner more accurate sound with higher definition.
  • Signal to noise ratio is a major improvement with this design.
  • PCM2704 is a single-chip digital-to-analog converter chip. It has two digital-to-analog converter output channels and an integrated USB interface controller. 
  • The interface complies with USB1.0 standard. It uses newly developed SPActTM (sampling period adaptive control tracking) system. That the system can be 
  • separated from the audio data of the USB interface of a stable, small variation of the clock signal to coordinate the PLL and DAC work.
  • The PCM2704 mainly consists of three parts: a Burr-Brown developed enhanced multi-level δ-σ modulator, a repeated 8 × oversampling digital 
  • interpolation filter, there is an analog output of the low pass filter.
  • PCM2704 can receive 48KHz, 44KHz and 32KHz sampling rate 16-bit stereo or mono audio data, the chip integrates the digital potentiometer software mute 
  • function, by USB audio level requirements can control potentiometer and mute functions.
  • PCM2704 USB DAC technical specifications of the finished board:
  • USB Interface: compatible with USB 1.0, Plug and Play, Windows2000, WIN7,WIN8, MAC for the operating system.
  • USB-powered: no power, direct computer access to electricity, easy to use
  • Analog Output: gold-plated interface 3.5MM headphone jack stereo output, built-in amp, 3.5 headphone output ,can be connected directly to the decoder
  • Sampling rate: 16Bit 32K 44.1K 48k
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 105db THD + N: 0.002%
  • Dynamic Range: 100db