Brand Mission


These are like the Missions of old in all the right respects. Small, neatly finished and well-built, the LX2's even look like the Missions of old, most obviously in the brand's distinct driver configuration. A 25mm tweeter below the 13cm fibre composite mid/bass driver aids the time alignment between drivers for better integration.

For the LX Series, the speakers’ design has been stripped design back to its fundamentals to produce a range of speakers that Mission can be proud of in engineering terms, but even more so in terms of the enjoyment the speakers’ owners will experience.
For the LX Series, Mission has designed a tweeter with a neodymium magnet, selected for maximum magnetic force in a small space, and a 25mm microfibre dome, chosen for its repeatability and consistency in manufacture.

Although able to be put on a bookshelf the rear firing bass port needs a little space to work well. The LX-2s get right to the heart of the music, getting straight into the groove, punchy and capable of deep, precise and authoritative bass, they charge through any rhythm track with skill, enthusiasm and timing.

Subtleties are embraced, vocals are clear, articulate and packed with energy. Nuances are rendered with finesse. Whether its big orchestral tracks or quiet peaceful ones their composure and organisation is first rate. Also tonally pretty well balanced.

A great speaker at a great price.

Technical Specifications


  • Sensitivity: 86.5dB
  • Impedance: 6 Ohms
  • Freq Response: 60Hz - 30kHz


  • Enclosure: Bass reflex, rear port
  • Power Rating: 100 RMS Watts
  • Dimensions (HWD): 305 x 191 x 250mm