The BC-30FL (face lift) is an updated contemporary version of the BC-30 Classic design which uses a modern black acrylic face plate whilst retaining the original specification of the classic version. Each cabinet is hand crafted using the finest materials and finished in real wood veneer. They are felt lined for natural damping of the cabinet and acoustic foam padding is also used to further minimise internal standing waves

BC-30FL’s have been designed as a bookshelf/stand mount speaker. The infinite baffle design produces exceptional sound quality and range when used in a true bookshelf situation or close to a wall.
This speaker features matched components in each pair. The crossovers are hand built with hand wound inductors and audiophile 3% MKP capacitors, attention to detail that provides the listener with a rock solid stereo image.

The bass driver is a 110mm doped paper cone of exceptional quality and flat response. The 25mm silk domed tweeter with 6mm solid black aluminium face plate offers excellent dispersion and maintains cabinet rigidity through the 4 hole mounting to the front baffle. All fully hard wired with audiophile low loss cable.

The sound quality of the BC-30FL is very natural and clear with great depth and clarity to the sound stage. They are happy with all kinds of music from rock to solo acoustic and always deliver a deep 3D sound stage. The BC-30FL’s are not power hungry and with a sensitivity of 90db 1w 1m can be driven by low powered amplifiers and still give a room filling sound with jaw dropping dynamics that have to be heard to be believed. With the addition of the PAW stand (at extra cost) the BC30’s can also take on a new dimension as a stand-mounted speaker that can be used into the room. 


*Kralk Audio Loudspeakers
are all bespoke, hand built
to order. Therefore there is a delivery timeframe
of 3 weeks.

Specifications :

  • Recommended power : 10-80 watts
  • Sensitivity : 90db 1w 1m
  • Frequency Response : 50Hz-20Khz
  • Impedance : 8 Ohms
  • Size : 298mm x 185mm x 185mm (hwd)
  • Weight : 5.5 kg (each)
  • Front Covers : Black cloth with magnetic fasteners
  • Shipping carton size : 45cm x 35cm x 25cm
  • Gross Weight : 13kg

 Available in various woods :

  • Light Oak
  • Black Ash
  • Sapelle
  • Walnut
  • Cherry


The new PAW stand has been designed exclusively for our BC30 Black Cat speakers - they enable the speakers to be used in a room when a bookshelf speaker situation is not possible. The PAW stand reinforces the low frequency response from 20 - 200Hz giving the Black Cat’s a big speaker sound from a tiny box. The stand is simply connected to the Black Cat speakers via banana plug patch leads The stand is available in 2 versions - powered with a 130mm bass driver or as a basic stand, which can also be used for our DTLPS 1 and Elite speaker systems. Standard finish will be black ash - special finishes upon request (at extra cost)
Specifications :

  • 150w
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 200Hz 
  • Rear ported (only on powered PAW) 
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Dimensions: 720mm x 280mm x 280mm (hwd)
  • Column size: 180mm x 180mm 
  • Connectors: 2 high quality gold plated connectors with anti-shred washers