Brand Tangent

The EXEO Amplifier is a powerful 2x 60 watt class-D integrated amplifier. The robust, rich and clear sound performance this amplifier provides is difficult to beat for the affordable price tag. It comes with a plethora of connections including gold-plated RCA connections for a CD player, FM/DAB/NET radio and auxiliary sources. Combined with a phono input for connecting a turntable and an array of outputs for recording, power amplifier, active subwoofer and headphones makes this amp a great  hi-fi instrument both in performance, build and compatibility.

FLED-display with adjustable brightness takes a big part of the front panel of integrated-circuit amplifier from the new series EXEO. On either side of the amplifier, there are large control knobs of volume control and input selector, which is also the navigator of setup menu. You can also adjust the balance and tone on HF/LF in the limits of +/-10 dB.

Two Zones with A/B speaker switching it can power two separate pair of speakers.

An A-B speaker selection function makes it possible to playback music in two individual sound zones, depending on your physical setup. Up to four speakers (2 x stereo) in the two zones can either play your music individually or together.


  • Frequency response +/- 1dB: 20-20KHZ
  • Dynamic range: 100dBA
  • Crosstalk: -70dB
  • RCA Inputs: 4
  • Phono input
  • Level in
  • Subwoofer out
  • Binding post