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This newly conceived unit is an ideal match for an integrated amplifier especially so when married up with the EXEO Amplifier. They look and sound great together. The design is almost completely symmetrical. The CD tray is located exactly in the centre of the unit and at an equal distance from the control knobs.

In addition to traditional CD, the unit can play discs with files and mp3.

Digital conversion scheme EXEO CDP based on chip Wolfson WM8761. But thanks to the competent implementation of the analogue part, the developers managed to get a very high signal/noise ratio (nameplate is 111 dB). Besides analogue RCA, on the back wall source derived pair of digital interfaces for connecting an external DAC. The supplied remote control system allows you to manage both the Player and the aforementioned amplifier EXEO AMP.


Relatively early decline in the low- range sound gives little lightweight nature. Audio resolution is thus more than enough - hear all the nuances of the phonogram, but missed a number of details, creating an atmosphere of recording. It should also pay attention to a few small flaws, such as a few weakened power of the middle and not too spicy, slightly veiled top.


But the sound scene is surprisingly three-dimensional, with the expressed deep perspective and a very decent images of localization in space. For such an inexpensive player result - great.

Tangent’s commitment to quality is exemplified both on the outside with the aluminum front finish and inside in the usage of a Wolfson Microelectronics WM 8761 Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC). This world-class DAC ensures a minimum noise level with virtually no distortion. Furthermore, two digital outputs are built in: one Toslink digtal optical output, and one SPDIF digital coaxial output. Both the EXEO AMP and EXEO CDP feature large VFD displays. Centrally located, the VFD display offers a wide viewing angle and an appealing intensity. Highlighting user-friendliness, the display can be dimmed according to the ambient light. This adaptation can be made either hands-on or via the handy remote control which accompanies the components. It’s universal features allow both devices to be controlled by a single remote.

The EXEO CD Player is a multi-format digital disc player, capable of providing a wealth of opportunities for the listener. With CD-Audio and MP3 the EXEO CDP is an outstanding companion for a Tangent EXEO Amplifier.


  • Low Standby (less than 1W)
  • Low usage level (5.6W)
  • Signal/Noise Ratio: >111dBA
  • Frequency response +/- 0.1dB: 20-20KHZ
  • Dynamic range: 91dBA
  • Digital Optisk Out
  • Digital Coaxial Out
  • RCA Analog Out
  • Dimensions: 430 x 92 x 275mm
  • MP3 
  • Black Aluminium Front

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