De Conti ARCA XL Large 4 Shelf Hi-Fi Stand in Black & White (500MM Shelf Depth)


Brand De Conti

The collection of Hi-Fi furniture by DE CONTI is contemporary, with clean and solid aesthetics offering an optimal utilization of your audio equipment. Thoroughly convenient, the open configuration of the furniture allows optimal ventilation and display of your prized audio equipment. The DE CONTI collection guarantees smart modular solutions for a successful integration of your electronics for exceptional value for money.



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Always developing the latest technology & design you will find in the collection of De Conti the furniture adapted for your Hi-Fi and Home Theatre system. All our products have been designed to meet the storage needs of your various electronic components. Your CD, turntable or amplifier will be highlighted and perfectly integrated.




Specialist Hi-fi furniture with 4 shelves


Dimensions (L x P x H): 600 x 500 x 750 mm

Shelves in white security glass

Supported weight: 50 k g (upper shelf)

25 kg (intermediate shelves)

Elegant structure in shiny white steel

System for concealing cables

Net weight:  20,4 kg

Gross weight: 22,2 kg

Box sizes: 83,5 x 62 x 14,5 cm

Reference: ARCAXL