Acoustic Energy - 1 Series - 108 Active Subwoofer for Hi-Fi or Home Cinema Walnut or Black


Brand Acoustic Energy

With many favourable reviews the 1 Series stands as a reminder that Acoustic Energy are still very much at the top of their game and can produce excellent products at very competitive price points. The 1 series is evolved from the very well reviewed 3 series and share many of the 3 series attributes at a much lower price point.


The AE108 is a compact, yet extremely powerful active sub-bass system, designed to be at its very best when used in pairs.

 Pairing subwoofers offers much greater control over room boom and standing waves and delivers greater dynamic punch than a single unit. Standing at just 28 cm square in size, the AE 108 is our most compact subwoofer to date.

The AE 108 packs features such as a remote control and extra-large floor spikes with innovative high dentisy rubber cups for hard floors.


Technical Specifications-


Mid/Bass Drivers: 

  • 200mm recycled pulp fibre cone  


Power Handling:

  • 150 Watts Active


Frequency Response:

  • 38Hz - 120Hz (+/- 3dB)



  • Sealed box


Weight (Each):

  • 10kg



  • 280mm3



  • Black Ash or Walnut vinyl