1M Custom Monster Pro 3.5mm - 3.5mm Jack Cable


Brand Do Good Audio

We have used only high quality components to build this 3.5mm- 3.5mm Jack Cable. The cable itself is Monster Cables Prolink - Instrument and Microphone cable, we have found this to be a superb choice for use as jack to jack cable as it offers larger conductors and full shielding that is not commonly seen in cable at this price point. The larger conductor size does not make the cable overly stiff as it is designed to be flexible this was also a consideration when choosing this cable.
We have terminated The Monster Cables Prolink with 24ct gold plated plugs and hand soldered using Silver solder for optimal signal transfer. One end is terminated with an angled plug and the other is a straight plug, this makes the cable better suited for use in the car where sometimes your input socket is in a awkward position.
  • 24ct Gold plated plugs
  • Hand soldered with Silver solder
  • High quality Monster Cable Prolink cable
  • Angled and straight plug combination for flexibility
  • Full metal constructed plugs
  • Sturdy yet flexible construction