With so many ways to enjoy music these days it is too easy to settle for what has typically become a very low standard of reproduction from the various convenience products available. Listening to music in the car is fun and the convenience of Spotify on our smartphones is handy, but is this how the artist intended the music to be heard?

Samsung S7 Edge and fostex headphones - Do Good Audio, Liverpool

For such a long time now convenience and music reproduction has been a very compromised balance that usually favors convenience over sound quality. This is true if listening to Spotify with the low bit rates and also true with many "All in one" music systems. It does not need to be the case and the balance of convenience and sound quality is changing. As more smartphones include Hi-Res playback and quality headphones come down in price, great sound on the move is more accessible. But many will still be missing out on this quality when at home.

Samsung S7, Cayin headphone amp, Grado - Do Good Audio, Liverpool

So what are the options? We could purchase a Hi-Fi system with multiple components but this also encounters its own problems if you are not experienced in building a system and the size may not be suitable for your listening space. Compact Hi-Fi systems are getting better and the options are expanding. We have a wide range if audio electronics at Do Good Audio that are both compact and high performance but none quite achieve this quite like the Musical Fidelity M6 Encore 225 all in one music system.

This one box music system is in fact, multiple high quality hi-fi components bundled in to one enclosure. These components include a Pre amplifier, 2x Mono power amplifiers, CD player, Music streamer and Network music storage. The idea of a system that puts all of these high quality components together in to one box and performs as a high end separates system would, is just marvelous.

Musical Fidelity M6 Encore 225 music system

The Musical Fidelity M6 Encore 225 will play and rip CDs to its in built hard drive in high quality FLAC format, so archiving a CD collection is simple and fast. These can then be shared on your local network to other devices including wireless multiroom systems like Sonos, Heos, Bluesound etc. Convenience is a huge consideration here as access to this ripped music is available easily from either the front panel, remote control or the dedicated Encore App. You can also import music easily from your computer via your Chrome browser. This simple drag and drop solution is wireless and can be done in sleep mode so large imports can be done overnight.

Various inputs allow connection to up to 3x analogue inputs including turntables (Via phono stage) and other sources, 4x digital inputs via coaxial and optical make use of the fantastic 32 Bit 384k DAC in the Encore so sources like computers and laptops will sound excellent with all the digital to analogue processing being handled by the Encore. Featuring both line level and pre outputs these allow the system to be used as a standalone source into a separate pre or integrated amplifier and also allows an upgrade path to utilise separate power amplifiers. 

Power of a component system in one box. 225 watts per channel will drive any speakers effortlessly unlike many systems in this category, no compromise on power at all. In fact the power amplifiers are the same as those in the M6si amplifier that costs £2500. Sound quality is the first and foremost priority of this system and this no compromise strategy has paid off in bucket loads. For the ultimate in convenience and sound quality the Encore needs to be considered.

We can demonstrate the power of the Encores features and sound at either one of our two showrooms in Liverpool. To arrange a demo please call us on 0151 525 3845 or visit us at your prefered store:

Do Good Audio, 489 Rice Lane, Liverpool, L9 8AP

Do Good Audio, 126 Aigburth Road, Liverpool, L17 7BP (Call to arrange a demo)

October 29, 2016 by Martin Clarke


Everyone has an almost endless music collection nowadays. If you’ve not got cupboard full of vinyl, you’ve got shoeboxes full of CDs that are never in the right case, or a music library on your laptop that has half the album artwork missing. And let’s not get started on all the DVDs that fell down the back of the sofa…

Forget those days. The stress of finding your favourite song is a thing of the past. Plato Lite serves as the only media hub you’ll ever need. It’s the perfect place to store your personal film and media library, and with 1TB of storage as standard, you’ll be able to fit everything you love in there.

It can also convert your analogue music to a digital format and store it, preserving it from damage and giving you the ability to browse and stream all the music you own from one simple app.

Plato - Do Good Audio


Plato Lite is the most flexible of the range. Because it doesn’t come with a phono stage or amplifier, it slots right into your home entertainment system alongside the high quality tech you’re already using.

The streaming capabilities it boasts are surprisingly comprehensive for a unit so modest. You can stream both music and video to several devices simultaneously, so one Plato Lite can serve the whole home without arguments. The Convert team have tested it with up to seven devices at once for audio, and four for video, but we haven’t found the upper limit yet. Plato can do as much as you ask of it.

To make using your Plato Lite even easier, you can control it via the easy-to-use Plato app on your smartphone or tablet, available for Android and iOS.

Plato LITE rear - Do Good Audio


All Plato products are Universal Plug and Play compliant. This UPnP compatibility means it’ll have no trouble connecting to most wireless speakers, like Sonos or Naim. It’s just another example of how smoothly Plato Lite will nestle into your life, simplifying it hugely, without you having to compromise on your current home entertainment system.

Plato Lite supports a plethora of audio and video formats, so you’ll never have to worry that your media is the wrong file. It boasts video playback at up to HD 1080p, and the ability to listen to and record music at 24 bits, up to 192kHz.

Plato Red - Do Good Audio


Who needs yet another remote control, with a dozen useless buttons, batteries that run out all too often, and which inevitably get lost somewhere? Not you.

In fact, you’ll find the whole box is surprisingly sleek. You’ll find no clumsy dials or confusing buttons. Instead you’ll find a clear, simple touchscreen on the front of the Plato Lite. We’ve broken away from the VCR-esque box design that seems to saturate the hi-fi market. With smooth corners, undisturbed expanses of colour and a modern finish, this media hub meets power and minimalism.

Plato Lite comes in black or white satin as standard, with the option of a high gloss finish.

But we know that you want your home entertainment system to be as unique as you. That’s why we offer Plato Lite with bespoke colour finishes, should you wish.

Plato lite white - Do Good Audio

Sound performance

As the Plato Lite doesn’t come with a phono stage or amplifier, it’s up to you to choose the best equipment to make the most of the potential fantastic sound. Experience audio playback and recording capabilities at 24 bits, up to 192kHz. An excellent source that will sound best partnered with quality equipment. 

 Libby Mayfield - Convert AV

To see the amazing Plato in action come see us at Do Good Audio, 489 Rice Lane, Liverpool, L9 8AP or call us on 0151 525 3845 -

October 14, 2016 by Martin Clarke

Wood you like something a little different from your headphones?

With so many headphones available on the market it can be confusing what pair is right for you. Do you choose style over performance? On ear or over ear?... so many options!

We feel a balance of style, comfort and performance is the key but its not always easy to find. Well, this is where some of our wooden headphones come in. Wood is such a beautiful material and works very well on all of our deciding factors, style, comfort and performance.

Style - 

Now this is very subjective but if you are looking for something unique wood is as unique as a fingerprint with different wood grains and colour tones that differ from one pair of headphones to another. The combination of a natural material and tech just demands attention and when put together as well as the Meze, Fostex and Grado headphones are, it is such a thing of beauty.

Comfort - 

Wood can be very comfortable when applied properly. Although the actual wooden parts are not in direct connection with the head or ears they offer a light weight alternative to some other materials, so they can be more comfortable over long listening periods. When reaching for your favorite headphones they are not cold and edgy like metal but warm and rounded to the touch. 

Performance - 

Wood and music are good old pals and without wood, our music today would be very different. Sound absorption is not like some denser materials that can suck the life from the music but it is slightly absorbent so some character of sound is retained. Wood also has good damping and resonance characteristics that can be tuned for optimum sound quality.


We welcome demonstrations in store and love customer reviews so if you can, please visit us instore at Do Good Audio, Liverpool, L9 8AP, UK - 0151 525 3845 -

September 30, 2016 by Martin Clarke
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